Healthy hydration is important for everyone.

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Getting refreshing Nicolet water delivered to your home or office is automatic, easy and sustainable.

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Nicolet also delivers single-serve bottles, flavored water, coffee and softener salt. Let your Nicolet water specialist know if you would like to add to these to your next delivery.


.5l 24 Brewers

Half Liter Bottles – 24 Pack

10oz. Bottles – 24 Pack

20oz Bottle
Nicolet 700ml Water Bottle

700ml Bottle

1L Bottle

1L Bottle Alkaline Water

Nicolet 700ml Water Bottle

1L Bottles Alkaline Water – 12 Pack

Half Liter Bottles Alkaline Water – 24 Pack

One Gallon Bottle
Spring Water

3 & 5 Gallon Reusable Bottles

One Gallon Bottle
Distilled Water

Nicolet is available throughout Wisconsin, find it here:

Nicolet is proudly served at Lambeau Field and American Family Field™